Kitten Update!

He has a name! It’s Knox. After the “other” Fort Knox in Maine. We visited it on our honeymoon and while I was trying desperately to think up names for the little munchkin, that popped into my mind. Shane had vetoed Ollie because there’s a store called Ollie’s that he hates, which was my first … More Kitten Update!

Dealing With 2020

Let’s face it, 2020 has lost its damn mind. I won’t list everything here, because holy hell no one needs that sort of reminder while reading a blog post. This post is not about the shenanigans of this year though, it’s about dealing with those shenanigans. Because, honestly, one thing is so quickly followed by … More Dealing With 2020

Health Check-in #1

One of the things I really want to use Kaleidoscope Beach for is to track my journey to a healthy weight and lifestyle. For now, I’ll be posting a Health Check-in once a month. I really don’t want to share a “before” picture, so I’m not going to. I will have them, but I won’t … More Health Check-in #1