Welcome to My Corner of the Internet

Hello! I decided I needed a fresh blogging start, so I abandoned my old blog and started this one. I feel like “Kaleidoscope Beach” fits my life right now. Luckily, I don’t rely on blogging for literally anything, so the “migration” was just me without an audience. 

I want to blog about a few things here: weight loss (including cooking, meals, recipes, workouts, etc), grief (and moving through it), anything I genuinely enjoy and want to share with the world, and my life at the beach. That’s probably too many things for one blog, but there you have it. The first two are most likely going to be somewhat temporary as I hope that I eventually finish losing weight and come to terms with my mom’s death. Though I guess both of those things will have long lasting impacts, so we’ll see what happens, shall we? I might also just get huge into fitness. The possibilities are endless. 

In my last blog, I did a lot of lists of things I wanted to do/read/watch/etc. I had lots of “bucket lists” and “reading lists”. Inevitably, I wouldn’t do most of the things listed. Because of that, I think I’m not going to do that as often here. They definitely won’t disappear, because I love to-do lists, but I’m going to indulge my general love of lists by listing things I’ve already done/watched/read/etc. I’m thinking of lists like “Best Books I Read in 2020” or “These Movies Make Me Happy”. I’ll probably do a “Christmas To Do List” – it’s our first Christmas in our new house so I want to do all the things!

I’m clearly not great at first posts, but I want to give you (if there ever is a you) an idea of what you’ll find in my posts. I should add “dealing with the phenomenon that is 2020” as a blog topic. What a year. 

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