What Does “Kaleidoscope Beach” Even Mean?

I wouldn’t say Kaleidoscope Beach is a deep and/or super obscure blog name, but it does have a particular meaning for me. I wish I remembered how I came up with it – did I just think of the word “kaleidoscope”? Did it pop up on the WordPress app as an alternative blog name? Was it on a list of keywords? How did I get the two words together? I’m not sure, but I do know that when I found it it was like a light bulb went off in my head.  

Beach is pretty explanatory – I live near the beach. About 10ish minutes away depending on which beach I want to go to. I never realized I would like to live at the beach (especially where I live – it’s a tourist spot not known for being chill), but I fell in love. I think even if we move somewhere not beach-related, I’ll still be connected to the beach. 

Kaleidoscope is the bit that has a meaning. A kaleidoscope is “a constantly changing pattern or sequence of objects/elements”. Does that not sound like life? Who I am now is made up of all kinds of things – my childhood in the Netherlands and small-town South Carolina, my Midwestern mother who loved to cook, my country boy husband, being my father’s only daughter, a love for the unexplained, a million experiences, and so many other bits and pieces that have been picked up over my decades of life. Every day in my life is like another twist of the kaleidoscope – different elements come forward, some elements come together or break apart, focus shifts, etc. A life’s kaleidoscope is always changing, being added to and subtracted from, and the elements are moved around as needed. I think that’s a beautiful thought. 

And that’s the story behind the name Kaleidoscope Beach. Hopefully in a few months I will be just as enamored as I am now. 

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