Health Check-in #1

One of the things I really want to use Kaleidoscope Beach for is to track my journey to a healthy weight and lifestyle. For now, I’ll be posting a Health Check-in once a month. I really don’t want to share a “before” picture, so I’m not going to. I will have them, but I won’t share them until I have some “during/after” images. 

I’m not going to lie to you, blog readers, part of this is because I don’t like the way my body looks. I love it, because it’s brought me this far, but I’m not a huge fan of its look. The much larger reason is that this isn’t a healthy weight for me to be. Type 2 diabetes runs in my family and while that doesn’t mean I will definitely become diabetic, it makes it a heck of a lot easier. Add to that the fact I’m overweight and carry a large percentage of fat around my middle, and other not-weight related risk factors, I’m kind of screwed in this area if I don’t get things under control. 

I have other goals, though they all link back to weight loss in one way or another. I want to cut sugar out of my life (easier said than done, for sure), eat much much healthier, and have a consistent workout schedule. Besides helping me lose weight, I also have an extremely high heart rate that’s not worrisome *yet* but will become a problem as time goes on. The only way to lower it is to get in shape. My mom died of an undiagnosed heart issue, so anything heart-related freaks me out. On top of that I also have a terrible time with heartburn, indigestion, etc. so eating healthier and removing sugar from my diet will help with that. 

After I achieve these goals, I have others waiting in the wings, and I’m sure I’ll think up even more as time goes on. Mostly they’re fitness goals – run in a 5K, start lifting, etc etc etc. But for now, I just want to avoid “the diabetes” lurking in my future while I’m in my early/mid 30s and not wait for a diagnosis. As I get older, it would be so much harder to deal with. 

My first step is a 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge. It starts today and goes through October 7th. I’m not cutting out all processed foods, but a huge chunk of them. However, I will be trying to cut down on those processed foods that make the cut. I’m thinking mainly of dairy products right now, but 100% not-from-concentrate juice also falls into this category. I can see me cutting out dairy, for the most part, in the future but I don’t want to take away all my current favorites at once. 

The other part of my “first step” is a 30 Day Workout A Day Challenge. So in a week, there will be 5 days of doing a real workout, and 2 days of walking around the neighborhood. This will also start today and go through the 7th. I think I’m going to do 3 days Couch to 5K and 2 days lifting and/or yoga. I’ll try it this week and see how it goes – if I need to rethink, I will. 

I’ve tried starting out slow/with baby steps approximately a million times (or what feels like a million times), and it has never worked, so I’m trying things a different way. 

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