We Make Lobster Rolls

This past weekend, Shane and I randomly decided to make lobster rolls, even though we live in South Carolina and have both only had them once three-ish years ago on our honeymoon in Maine. Will this journey make people from New England upset? Maybe. Was it worth the money and shelling a lobster without knowing what we’re doing? Eh, kind of. Will we make them again? Almost certainly not. Am I glad we tried it out? Absolutely. 

This is not a recipe post, just so you know. It’s a “Sarah (and Shane) cooked a thing and want to share it” post. Here are a couple of the recipes we looked at to get an idea of what we wanted to do: A Family Feast & Striped Spatula.

There are some handicaps you should know about immediately: we live in the south and pre-cooked lobster is (slightly) cheaper than live lobster (those are our guys in the header image), we didn’t buy celery to use because we wouldn’t finish the rest of it before it went bad, and we could only find a single type of split-top hotdog buns and they were far smaller than I would have liked. 

We bought 3 pre-cooked lobsters from Lowe’s Foods (they were even on sale!), some scallions, and the only package of split-top hotdog buns on the shelf before heading home. Getting the meat out of the lobsters was….an adventure, to say the least. I sliced the backs of a couple of fingers on a lobster claw at one point, lobster shell and juice went everywhere, it was a mess. There was a significant amount of cleanup. Not going to lie, it was kind of fun to make that much of a mess. Shane did not feel the same, by the way.

One article I read (can’t remember which one now) said that authentic lobster rolls only use tail meat, and a different one said claw meat. Lobster is pricy, I wasn’t about to try to buy enough lobsters to get enough of either one of those for 4 rolls. Sorry not sorry.

We mixed up the lobster salad (lobster, mayo, lemon, scallion greens w/ a bit of the white mixed in, salt, & pepper), then stuck it in the fridge for a few hours to let the flavors get all mingled together. Shane was in charge of buttering/toasting the buns for the first round of rolls, and they got a bit squashed. I enjoyed them a lot – Shane said they were rubbery, but I didn’t get that as much.

They were definitely better the next day. The flavors just really melded together and got a lot tastier. I headed up the buttering/toasting of rolls this time and I used less butter and also didn’t smoosh things down.

I don’t think we’ll make them again, it was a lot of work for a little return. If we were better at liberating lobster meat, it’d be a different story. The actual making of the salad and the rolls is really easy. The price is a big issue for us, as well. Maybe if we lived in a place where lobster didn’t cost so much, it wouldn’t hurt so much to pay out for it.

I have now written over 500 words about making lobster rolls, so I’m going to cut this off here.

The star of the show.

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