My Top Ten Podcasts (So Far)

I don’t know about you, but I love podcasts. I listen to them almost all day at work, and when I used to have to drive 4 hours one way once a month I listened to them then too. Since I listen at work I tend to miss details, which makes for excellent re-listening later because I’ll pick up some of those details.

Here’s what I like in a podcast: non-fiction/true crime or paranormal/supernatural/ghostie, mostly standalone episodes (there are a few exceptions), and really good hosts. A bad host ruins it for me. I’ve listened to a huge variety of podcasts, and sometimes I will unsubscribe from a certain podcast for awhile and then return later on.

The List, in no particular order:

  1. Southern Fried True Crime
    • Her voice is so soothing even when discussing the most gnarly of crimes.
    • She does an amazing job of being balanced. She knows how to show compassion to perpetrators without seeming to give them a pass.
    • I’m Southern and I’m always interested in southern crime, so this podcast is right up my alley.
  2. Wife of Crime
    • This is one of the funniest crime podcasts there is.
    • Their married relationship reminds me of mine. I swear Russ is the New York version of my very Southern husband, and Jess reacts to him in very much the same way I do.
    • The bummer here is that they’re currently on a hiatus. Jess is an ER nurse in NYC and has been struggling with everything going on so uploading is sporadic at best. Understandably, obviously. Podcast < mental wellbeing. But it’s 100% worth listening to their back catalog while waiting to see if they return.
  3. Military Murder
    • One of the better super-focused true crime podcasts, it’s really interesting to listen to murder within the military community.
    • The host (Margot) is either in the military or was at one point – which adds some authenticity to the stories. Though sometimes she does mess things up, which she always clarifies later.
  4. Generation Why
    • One of the classics, in my mind, and is not to be missed.
    • I realize that’s a lot less than I have for a lot of these podcasts, but what can I say? It’s just a great podcast. You should listen if you like true crime.
  5. True Crime Garage
    • Another classic true crime podcast.
    • The banter between the hosts is a huge bonus with this one. They argue sometimes, but you can tell they’re the kind of friends that don’t let that bother them long term.
  6. Supernatural with Ashley Flowers
    • One of the newer podcasts on my rotation, I really enjoy her take on the supernatural.
    • She has two other podcasts – Crime Junkie (that I don’t listen to) and Counter Clock (which is on my list of things to listen to) – so you know she’s a pro at podcasting.
  7. Thinking Sideways
    • This is my favorite podcast of all time. Re-listen to it multiple times level favorite podcast.
    • It covers anything not-solved. Cryptids, ghost ships, unsolved crime, conspiracy theories, etc.
    • The hosts are tops, and their interactions are almost always hilarious.
    • It’s no longer going on (though it’s turned into a totally different podcast that I haven’t listened to), because one of the hosts moved to SE Asia (I think).
  8. Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know
    • From the “Stuff” Family of Podcasts, this is my favorite of all of them. If you enjoy a good conspiracy theory, this is for you.
    • Solid podcast where you really do learn things, not just the beliefs of the crazies who make up these theories. They also do YouTube videos, but I haven’t watched any of them.
    • Check out some of the other “Stuff…” podcasts, a lot of them are really good – Atlanta Monster, Stuff You Should Know, Stuff You Missed in History Class, etc.
  9. The Dollop
    • I love history, and I love comedy so this is right up my alley. It’s an American History podcasts run by two comedians – one that does the research/storytelling and the other who just reacts to the story. Sometimes they swap roles, but not often.
    • I’ve learned so much from the podcast, it’s insane. This is definitely one podcast I keep going back to. Seriously, it’s hilarious and you won’t even realize that you’re learning things.
  10. The Dream
    • Have you ever had someone try to sell you a product from an MLM? This podcast goes into how these MLMs work and how they get people to join them.
    • It’s a really cool investigation that answers (or at least explores) all the questions I’ve thought of. They haven’t uploaded since Feb of 2020, and I’m not sure if they’re going to have a season 3. Still worth a listen.

I listen to so many podcasts that I could keep the list going indefinitely, but these 10 are definitely some of my favorites. I just checked & I’m currently subscribed to 45, but that doesn’t include the ones I’ve taken a break and unsubscribed from.

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