Kitten Update!

He has a name! It’s Knox. After the “other” Fort Knox in Maine. We visited it on our honeymoon and while I was trying desperately to think up names for the little munchkin, that popped into my mind. Shane had vetoed Ollie because there’s a store called Ollie’s that he hates, which was my first kitten-name choice so that was kind of a bummer, but now he’s Knox.

He’s been living in one of the guest rooms for a full week now and is crazy energetic. I don’t remember Tau being this exuberant as a baby. He’s honestly straight up wild, and I love it. He literally bounces all over the room and will pounce on *anything* at all. There’s a lot of spooking – he’ll jump at almost anything, but after he jumps he’s ready to explore whatever it is that spooked him.

Knox is a climber, too. He’s always trying to jump onto inappropriately high surfaces, parkour up the wall, etc. He also loves when I pick him up and hold him to my chest as well as when he gets held for a tour of the upstairs. I think we’re going to have to build him lots of high places to hang out. It’s easy right now because he’s very little so everything is a high place, but eventually he’ll need a larger challenge.

I’m making the prediction that he’s going to be a “bad” cat – always into everything, on top of all the things he isn’t supposed to, zoomies in the middle of the night, etc. Worth it. I already love his little face.

He’s bonded to me a bit more than he’s bonded with Shane – I’m in there more often and try to stay in there for at least an hour at a time. Tau is very much a Daddy’s boy, so I don’t feel too bad about it. Tau and Knox haven’t met yet, but they are aware that the other exists. We’re hoping to start slowly exposing them to each other through the door of Knox’s cat carrier.

Let’s see – a week ago one of his ears had lost a good bit of fur and that’s started growing back, and the scratches on his nose are healing really nicely too. Next week he’s going to go get his first round of vaccines. He’s gained a little over 5 ounces in the past week, which is exactly what we were hoping for.

In conclusion, Knox is thriving, and I’m grateful for the breath of fresh air in this sort of terrible year.

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