Super Sporadic October

Obviously, I haven’t been updating KB as often as I’d like to be. A lot of things are going on, but mostly: we’re fostering 4 kittens, in addition to Klaus (formerly known as Knox) who is also a kitten, we have Tau a grumpy old man cat, and we’re dealing with the demolishing of our shower. The kittens are Pax (probably going to foster-fail this guy), Diego, Five, and Vanya. Yes, we have been watching Umbrella Academy.

The kittens aren’t socialized at all (luckily they’re very young), so most of my prime blogging time is devoted to trying to get those little fellas used to humans. I’ve been reading out loud to them, just sitting with them in there, trying to pet them gently, trying to be about 1/4 as loud as I normally am, etc. In addition to those sweet muffins, I also have to spend time with Klaus, who needs lots of play time because he’s just at that age. Also, Tau requires love and affection as well, but still has to be kept apart from Klaus (we haven’t been able to get Klaus to the vet to get his shots/tests yet) so it has to be separate from love/affection/play time with Klaus. And do you know how much laundry and general cleaning 6 cats require? Especially since the 4 kittens aren’t 100% litter trained yet. We are going through *so many* puppy pads, y’all.

Anyway, the point of this post is to let everyone know that my posting is going to be super erratic this month – and possibly part of next month. We’re hoping to only have the fosters for about 3 weeks, but we’ll see.

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