{Another} Kitten Update

I’m still living with 5 kittens & a cat. I’ve decided that 3 cats is the maximum number I’m okay with having in my house at once from now on. I don’t have time for anything between cleaning up after them, feeding them, playing with them, trying to figure out who is smelling like poo, buying more kitten food/puppy pads, introducing Klaus to Tau, giving Klaus flea baths, and so forth. My house looks like a tornado has gone through it and we’ve been out of forks for days.

I love the little munchkins, though. They’ve gone from “very, very feral” to various shades of friendly. The Twins – Diego & Five – are very loving and love to be loved on, and enjoy curling up on my lap, but aren’t huge fans of being picked up. Vanya, the white floof, is pretty friendly but more standoffish. He hates being picked up but doesn’t try to fling himself out of my arms or anything. Pax/Baby Bear is over-the-top skittish and no matter how many times I feed him he’s still pretty sure I’m the embodiment of evil. I can pick him up, pet him, and give his head some scritches, but he’s not what I’d call friendly. They all come running for mealtime, though, so there’s that. They’ve done really well with socializing and I’m proud of the little guys.

Good news – my dad is taking Diego and Five! He’ll be coming to get them this weekend and while I’m sad they’re leaving, I’m so glad I know they’ll be in a good home. Dad is freshly retired, so this is giving him something to focus on. I’m a little worried that when he buys a condo, they won’t love being in a smaller space (smaller than his house) as they get older, but I know that they will have all the love two little guys could get and I know many cats have had happy lives in very small spaces.

Vanya is supposed to be taken sometime next week as well, but I don’t know the person who’s taking him. They’re friends with the foster kittens’ original foster dad, and I trust him so I’m excited for him. Pax will be staying with us. He reminds me too much of my Laurie, who passed in March, to give to someone else.

Klaus is turning into a lovable goof that’s a bit too bitey for my tastes. We’re starting to let him out for short periods now, and he absolutely loves it. When he’s stuck in his room though, he kind of turns on me and constantly bites and ‘attacks’ me. If I move him away, he launches himself back at me. Sometimes I just have to leave the room. Outside of his room, he’s much less bitey. He leaves Tau alone to a large degree, which is nice. But is also largely unbothered by Tau popping him. Overall, they’re both doing really well. Tau is quite hissy, but isn’t overly aggressive. When we feel that Tau is getting too stressed, we’ll move Klaus back to his room. Though I once found Tau cornering Klaus in a corner and every time Klaus tried to move, Tau would pop him, and Klaus couldn’t figure out how to get out of there.

“Super Sporadic October” has turned into “Periodic Kitten Update October”, which isn’t the worse thing that could happen, but definitely not what I thought I’d be blogging about this month. The Featured Image is the 4 foster babies sleeping on their chair on the screened in porch one morning.

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