My Triumphant(?) Return

There are only 3 cats (well, 1 cat and 2 kittens) living in my house now! It’s all very exciting, I assure you. Bonus to having 2 kittens – they gnaw on each other and not on me; downside to 2 kittens – they egg each other on in the middle of the night and keep the entire house awake. We’ll probably be putting them in a guest room some nights so we can actually get some sleep and also love on Tau in the mornings. I do love that they are both at least somewhat cuddly. For example, Bear (who is actually named Ollie, but has never been called Ollie) likes to be held like a baby while he sleeps, which is amazing. Please see the featured image. I have several images of his feet on my phone right now – he crosses them so daintily.

Tau is still adjusting. He’s definitely better with Klaus – they just seem to be chill while Bear wants to be buds and Tau is not about that life. Bear and Klaus have started sleeping in a pile and it’s adorable. They fight so much, but they also clean each other and seem to really enjoy being together.

As I’m writing this, I’m at the end of a week long staycation with Shane that turned into a non-stop parade of home projects, which was unexpected but I’ve been really enjoying. We put together some huge shelves for the garage, rearranged the whole place, bought a new workbench for him, moved my workspace into a guest room which took a *lot* of rearranging, put fans up in the upstairs bedrooms, did a massive cleaning of the house (and did battle with fleas – I didn’t enjoy that one), and finally did all those little things that pile up. There’s still a few things I want to do this weekend – a mirror to hang, move a mattress from upstairs to downstairs, and so and so forth. It’s actually been a great staycation, I get to feel like I’ve accomplished something, but I also get to have plenty of relaxation time.

The only bummer of the week off is that our washing machine user interface gave up the ghost. It’s still under warranty, thankfully, so we had someone out to look at it. Naturally, they won’t be able to repair it for another 2 weeks, so we’ll be going to the laundromat at some point. Probably more than once.

I was going to not blog until 2021 for various reasons, but I decided to start again since I’ve been missing it. I think the act of sitting down, putting something on the tv (currently a Hallmark Christmas Movie), and typing up whatever is on my mind is a kind of self care. So I’m back to blogging for the holidays, which are going to be super weird this year. But they’re the first in our new home, so we’re going to make them special.

Tazo Glazed Lemon Loaf tea with honey is also a kind of self care when you can’t eat actual cake, by the way.

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