15 Positive Things That Happened (to me) in 2020

We can all agree that 2020 has been a dumpster fire of a year. If only the pandemic had happened it would have been a mess, but in addition to ALL THE THINGS that also happened, it’s been a year. However, good things have happened and right now is the time to focus on those. So here are 15 positives that have happened in my personal life this year. I was going to do 20, but this list started getting way too long, so I cut it off at 15.

  1. We bought a house! That has to be number one. I never thought we’d buy a house so quickly – I thought it’d be years before I convinced Shane to settle down into a house.
  2. I was able to quarantine in my new house. It seems trivial, but working from my house and not being crowded into a small apartment has been a huge blessing for me.
  3. We adopted Klaus & Bear. Since those happened only 2 weeks apart, I’m going to count them as one. This is another thing that wouldn’t have been possible without moving to the house.
  4. Tau is adjusting really really well to them and seems to actually enjoy the kittens. He’s clearly forming a good bond with Bear – they lay together and clean each other. Klaus isn’t part of any of that, he rarely interacts with Tau, but when they do have contact it’s friendly.
  5. Even before that, Tau’s behavior improved so much after we moved into the house. He’s just not good at apartment living over very loud dogs. I’ve also been home with him a lot more than I was at the apartment (obviously), so I like to think that I’m a good influence on him.
  6. I started Kaleidoscope Beach, and have been enjoying it. I really enjoy just sitting down and writing something, even if I had to stop for awhile because kittens took up my entire life for a minute there.
  7. I read some of my favorite books – Revenger by Alastair Reynolds, Maybe You Should Talk To Someone by Lori Gottleib, and a couple of others – for the first time. Reading an amazing book for the first time is always so satisfying.
  8. Speaking of books, I finally read some books that Shane suggested to me and I liked them. More importantly, he was so happy to see me enjoy something he did. He’s been asking me to read those 2 books for what feels like forever, so I was happy to make him happy. They were also good books, which helped.
  9. I discovered listening to audiobooks while doing housework and I’m never going back. Though I do still listen to podcasts, audiobooks are where it’s at!
  10. I finally got my sinus issues figured out & allergy testing done. I have a deviated septum that I might need to get fixed in the future, but all good for now.
  11. I finally got my GERD diagnosed and my esophagus stretched where it had been damaged by the acid from my stomach. I’ll probably have to get it done again in a few years, but the relief is amazing.
  12. The diet I started for GERD has helped me lose 10 pounds – no exercise required. Which tells me that I was eating WAY too much sugar.
  13. I started therapy – virtually not in person. It’s only been 1 session, but it was good. I’m glad that I started. Therapy hasn’t helped me a bunch in the past, but I have high hopes.
  14. I’ve kept a journal for over a year! That’s by far the longest I’ve kept up with one. There are long gaps, but I always came back to it. I think I’ll be even more consistent next year.
  15. I bought the actual best comforter in the world. It’s fluffy and super thick, and just seeing it makes me feel cozy. I realize this is a super little thing – who counts a comforter as a positive thing in their life? But it is. I love blankets, and I’m not ashamed of my love of this comforter.

That’s it (for this post, anyway)! Have a great week!


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