Oh 2020, You Sly Dog

Sometime in November, I asked 2020 if it would cool it on the shenanigans since it was almost over. 2020 laughed out loud – quite rudely, I might add. Beyond the Coronavirus spike, the vaccine debates (yawn), Trump losing his ever loving mind, and missing out on holidays because of the world these days, my personal life blew up. I can’t talk about specifics yet, because reasons, but I can talk in general.

The personal life explosion isn’t actually a bad explosion, but even a good explosion leaves debris. (I’m stupidly proud of that sentence, please don’t ruin it for me.) Two days after my last post/the day before Tgives, we went from “planning a small, chill, Christmas just the two of us but still festive” to “I have stress tummy aches”. We have an undecorated, unlit Christmas tree just chilling in the corner of our dining room and I haven’t watched very many Hallmark movies *at all*. My biggest issue with the whole life change is that I wanted to have a really Christmasy-Christmas and we just don’t have time for it now. That’s 2 years of non-Christmasy-Christmases in a row. Which is less than ideal.

In other news: the kittens are growing like crazy, the Old Man Cat is grumpily continuing on, and I’ve lost 14 pounds.

That’s all I feel comfortable saying right now. Anyway, I won’t be around much (probably not at all) until 2021, so take care of yourselves and have a very happy holiday season – no matter what you celebrate.

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