Merry Christmas!

I hope the holiday has found you safe, healthy, and warm. Even though this Christmas is radically different from the Christmases that have come before, I truly hope you have happiness today. And if you don’t celebrate Christmas, I still hope you have happiness today.

We are cooking a meal from Home Chef (I have a referral code – sarahb1475, which feels weird to give, but it will get you some money off if you want to try it), because it’s so much easier. Especially since it’s just the two of us. We aren’t really celebrating Christmas, because of everything going on in our lives right now, but I still want to mark today as a special day. A day apart from as much of the stress, pain, and uncertainty that 2020 has brought as possible.

Also, for me, today is about the birth of Christ, and while I realize it’s a pagan holiday co-opted by Christianity, the sentiment still stands.

So, anyway, I hope you have an excellent day celebrating whatever you celebrate (or just chilling if you don’t celebrate but have the day off from work).

Merry Christmas!!

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