2021 Hopes & Goals

Even though 2020 looked at New Year’s Resolutions and laughed in their faces, and 2021 is probably going to be much the same, I do have some hopes/goals I’d like to work towards this year.

I was going to do 21 in 21, but honestly, that’s never going to happen. I feel like the ones listed are too much, so 21 would be far, far too many.

In no particular order, my 2021 New Year’s “Resolutions” are:

  1. Stop caring so much about what other people think about me. Accept positive vibes only. This is the hardest hope/goal in the lineup by far.
  2. Read the Bible. I’m going to be following a 2 year reading plan, so I expect to be halfway done at the end of the year.
  3. Give up True Crime for a year. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being interested in it, but I don’t think it’s helping my anxiety at all. Unfortunately, I can’t just reduce my intake, I need to go cold turkey. Or it will never work. Except for the Wife of Crime podcast, because it is my favorite.
  4. Maintain/improve Kaleidoscope Beach & keep up with my personal journal all year.
  5. Be a better friend.
  6. Focus on my mental & physical health. That includes meditation, yoga, therapy, physical therapy, healthy routines, regulating my diet for GERD, etc. Losing weight would fall into this category, as well.
  7. Find (and write down) a moment of joy every single day. Or most of them.
  8. Prioritize Shane & our relationship. We have a great one, and he’s amazing, but I’ve definitely been slacking in this area. Instead of him just knowing I love him, I want to continually show him.
  9. Cultivate my hobbies – reading, writing, cooking, photography, & some kind of fiber art. I’m going to decide between knitting, cross-stitch, and crochet. I’ve knitted, and cross-stitched, before but would be new to crochet.
  10. Create a non-location-dependent feeling of home. This will make more sense later on in the year.

I realize that none of those are SMART goals and most have no definite end point, but I don’t have an endpoint for all of them. I don’t want to say “have a date night every month” and then just do it to mark off a to-do list. That might not be the best way to prioritize him/us one month, or for 6 months. I would rather sit down at the end of the month and determine if I had made us a priority and how to refocus the next month if I hadn’t.

If it doesn’t seem like this loosey-goosey style of goal making works, maybe I’ll switch it up next year. Not that any other style of New Year Resolution-ing has ever worked.

A new year is a great time marker to signal a new start. Not a complete “fresh” start, not a brand new life, but another chance to start something.

My last 2021 New Year Hope is that we all have the year we want and that we all meet our goals (or find the strength to discard goals that are no longer useful).


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