Surprising Sides of TikTok I’ve Been On

So I’ve been watching a lot of TikTok lately, because why not? I feel like it has a weird/bad reputation…that isn’t completely unearned. However, through much scrolling, I’ve found interesting little nooks of TikTok that I didn’t expect to be there. The funny part is that you get placed into these ‘sides’ of TikTok by algorithm, and while some are really dead on, others are not so much. I’m very interested in seeing why the algorithm selects these interests for me.

  • DeafTok
    • I am not Deaf (or even deaf – there’s a difference), and I don’t know any form of sign language and yet I get served a lot of videos of people either teaching ASL (or BASL – Black American Sign Language) or just making videos while using signs as captions. I’ve learned a lot about the differences between ASL and BASL, a few signs, and what a slice of Deaf culture is like. It’s super interesting, and I love that I get these videos.
  • MomTok
    • I am not a mom. However, TikTok seems to think I need advice on how to raise my nonexistent children. In reality, I only want to see the “why my toddler is crying” videos because they make me laugh very hard.
  • Shakespeare-did-actually-write-his-playsTok
    • I haven’t found the other side of this argument yet, but there are a lot of videos going over the evidence that Shakespeare did indeed write his plays and debunking the other side.
  • Anne BoleynTok
    • This is the most dramatic thing I’ve ever wandered into. There are 2 very distinct sides of the “was Anne Boleyn a victim?” debate and they are ready for war. So one side is all “she seduced King Henry VIII and was a trollop” and then there’s “she was forced into all this and was very naive/innocent”. There are also those who think she was somewhere in between, but they aren’t as dramatic. I’m pretty sure I got here because I follow the Six The Musical TikTok, and I am hooked.
  • Scottish-Sea-ShantyTok
    • Yeah, there’s an entire subculture of Scottish people singing sea shanties on TikTok. Even better, there are people who duet (add their own video alongside the original) the original sea shanty and add their voices and suddenly you have a full song happening. It’s amazing. Again, no idea how I got there.

I’m also on History TikTok which makes sense, archaeology TikTok which also makes sense, and BookTok which makes the most sense of them all.

As an added bonus – there’s one account (not active really anymore) that dresses like Abigail Williams from the Salem witch trials. And is incredibly funny.

TikTok seems like reddit to me – you can find not great stuff on there, but you can find surprising amounts of goodness too.

The featured image represents me, wondering why I’m seeing these TikTok videos.


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