Where I’ve Been & What I’ve Been Doing

Shane and I found out the day before Thanksgiving that his company was closing his facility and he could either take severance or transfer to a different facility in Georgia. Since he loves his work, and there are no jobs here for him, he went ahead with getting certified in Georgia. Naturally, I’m skipping a lot here – we discussed this as a unit, etc. but the main gist is that we were moving to Savannah, Georgia and, at the time, we had no idea when.

This threw so many wrenches in our life. It’s the “life changing news” I talked about earlier this year. We’ve been in our house less than a year (we’ll be at about 11 months when the move happens), we are so burnt out on moving, and had decided to put down roots here. Also, moving back into an apartment is a bit depressing. On the flip side, Savannah is gorgeous and a really fun town. It has tons of history, which is something that I love and have been feeling the lack of here. There’s also a delicious Thai-and-Pho place near the apartment which is another thing we’ve been missing. So really, while it’s been an adjustment, and there are downsides, I think we’re ready for the new adventure.

Since Thanksgiving, we’ve been preparing to move at any time. Shane had to study Georgia pharmacy law, I had to go through all of our belongings and toss as much as possible because I didn’t want to pay to truck everything 4 hours just to never use it, and all the other bits and pieces to a move. We ended up taking an apartment sight-unseen because it met our very particular needs, including price, and it turned out to be an okay decision. It’s a bit far from his work, though.

The past few months have been a blur, honestly. If I’m not packing or cleaning or doing all the behind-the-scenes stuff of moving, I’m trying to decompress. That’s obviously on top of taking care of the kittens (who have turned into little demons. Not purposefully, they’re just oversized babies, but still. Demons.), Tau knowing *exactly* what’s going on and hating it with a passion, prepping the house to sell, trying to empty the pantry and freezer, working, and keeping myself/Shane alive and in clean clothes. It’s been….stressful.

It’s interesting to me that everyone’s first reaction is to be confused that we weren’t instantly overjoyed to be moving to an amazing city. We had a vision of how our life was going to be, were actively making steps to make it that way, and had the rug pulled out from under our feet. Of course it took a bit for us to come around to the idea – just the stress around selling the house is enough to make me heave a sigh. You could have told me I was moving to any city and I’d still be a bit shellshocked.

Shane chose his career path because it supposedly offered stability and continuity, as well as good pay. But he’s had a 4 year stint at one position, a 2 year stint here, and we’re looking at probably another 2 year stint in Savannah. Who knows what we’ll be doing then. Maybe we’ll stay in Sav, maybe we’ll move back to SC, or somewhere else in Georgia. He’s thinking about getting licensed in North Carolina, so maybe we’ll go there. The uncertainty is annoying, and it’ll be very hard to feel at home anywhere from now on.

There are 10 sleeps until moving day, and since we’re trying to avoid coming back to work on the house, it’s going to be jam-packed so there probably won’t be many/any posts until sometime after Feb 20th.

Off topic, but I have no idea how people keep blogs going during crazy, busy, and stressful times. Unless it’s their day job, which I can understand – I’ve managed to do my day job through all of this, after all.

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