Introducing Crowded History

This past weekend, I was trying hard to figure out if I wanted to restart my blog. The answer was ultimately yes, but when I sat down to work on an editorial calendar, I realized I didn’t really want to be a book blogger, or a lifestyle blogger, or any of that, and I don’t have enough interesting going on in my life (though it’s often hectic) to keep an online journal either.

But once I decide on a course of action, I tend to follow through, at least until I don’t anymore. So I wrote a couple of posts – the Trolley Tour Review and the one that will appear on Friday.

Then, last night, it hit me. I should mainly write about history. I love history, I currently live in a very historic area (for the USA, anyway), there are so many historic places to visit – it’s a no-brainer. I have no idea why I haven’t thought of it before!

All I needed was a name. I thought about doing a play on my name, or including Savannah in the title, and then I realized that I might want to branch out to other places/time periods, etc. I love all history – I’m just as interested in every single period, so I don’t want to restrict myself to a time or a place. Maybe I’ll narrow down the focus, or maybe I’ll only ever write about Savannah history, but I doubt it. I watch too many episodes of Time Team (the Channel 4 archaeology show) to not throw in a random ancient site or several. I thought about The History Crowd for my new blog name, after a suggestion I saw on a website’s list of good history blog names, but it didn’t feel right.

That morphed into Crowded History and it felt good. History is crowded – even before you take into consideration all the rarely told (or even untold) stories floating around. Include the entire world, all walks of life, all areas (art, science, astronomy, etc), and it’s very crowded indeed. That excites me.

But don’t worry – there will still be random posts about books, updates on my beloved kittens, weekend activities that may or may not have anything to do with history, etc. I don’t want to completely stop telling my own story, I just want to share my love of history with as many people as want to read.


PS – I’ll be leaving the redirect from until that domain expires.

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