2021 Hopes & Goals – Update 1

April 1st was the end of the first quarter of 2021, and since my professional life is measured in quarters, I figured I might as well update these goals every quarter. I decided to do both my general 2021 goals and my book/reading 2021 goals in one update post. It’s been a decidedly rocky year in the first 3 months, but I have hope!


  1. Stop caring so much about what other people think about me.
    • I do better at this depending on the day. It’s a work in progress, but I feel good about it.
  2. Read the Bible.
    • I have not followed up on this at all. If I haven’t caught up by the end of June, I’ll strike it off.
  3. Give up True Crime for a year.
    • I haven’t done this, BUT I still count it as a win because I have drastically cut my intake down and I don’t feel like it’s affecting me like it was. Instead of watching 3 seasons of Murder Next Door or whatnot, I watch a documentary on a specific crime or something. And I’m still listening to Wife of Crime.
  4. Maintain/improve Kaleidoscope Beach & keep up with my personal journal all year.
    • Eh? I have been writing in my journal a lot, but fell down on ol’ KB here. I’m back though.
  5. Be a better friend.
    • This one is hard because I don’t have any friends outside of work. I feel like I’m a good friend to them, though. I am using Bumble BFF to try to find new buddies, but it’s a process. I’m counting this as a win, since I’m trying to be a good friend.
  6. Focus on my mental & physical health.
    • I’m in therapy! I haven’t done anything for my physical health, though.
  7. Find (and write down) a moment of joy every single day. Or most of them.
    • I did this for a week or 2 and then quit. My moments of joy always include cats, Shane, or food. It was redundant.
  8. Prioritize Shane & our relationship.
    • Shane says I haven’t increased the prioritization, so that’s a bummer, since I’ve been trying.
  9. Cultivate my hobbies – reading, writing, cooking, photography, & some kind of fiber art.
    • I have been reading a lot more (more below), writing some, cooking a lot more, but not doing photography or fiber art.
  10. Create a non-location-dependent feeling of home.
    • This is hard, and I’m still in the process.

Reading & Books

  1. Don’t stress about the Goodreads Reading Challenge – any amount is good.
    • I’m actually on target to read 52 books this year, as well as meet my 15,000 page goal.
  2. Speaking of Goodreads, my shelves are desperate for a good organizing, it’s a mess in there.
    • Instead of one good digital organization session, I’ve done several. Definitely going to get to cross this one off!
  3. Put away my phone, turn off the tv, and read for an entire weekend. Twice. Technically, this is 3 & 4 on the original list.
    • I modified this one a little bit – I now try to have screen free time once or twice a week. Sometimes I’m successful, sometimes I’m not. I really feel good about it.
  4. Create a little “reading ritual” around getting cozy and reading at night. Make a special, separate time of day.
    • I honestly forgot about this one. But I definitely want to do this!
  5. Read every night (starting tonight – 1/13), even if it’s only a few pages.
    • I’m going to restart this one. And not feel bad about it.
  6. Read a book that a tv show or movie is based on.
    • I have read the first 6 Bridgerton books. And own the next two.
  7. Read (and finish) 10 books I already own.
    • I’ve read 3 already, so I’m on track for this one.
  8. Read at least 2 Raymond E Feist books.
    • Not yet, but there’s still time!
  9. Read 1 professional development or leadership book every month, or a total of 12.
    • See answer to #8.

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